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Always Pads Maxi Thick Extra Long 8

Brand: Always
Product Code: LC590
Condition: Brand New
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Always Maxi Thick Extra Long 8 Pads

Always is a renowned trademark of Procter & Gamble and deals female hygiene products. Its famous products include maxi pads female wipes and pantiliners Always is also sold under the name Whisper in many countries like Japan, Singapore, India and China.

Always Maxi Thick Long Pads provide you a calming feel with its 3 absorbing pillows. Lengthy felexi sections to assist the pad to remain in place for all night and day long. Dry top layer is especially designed for clean and dry protection.

  • Always maxi thick gives you a reassuring feel thanks to its 3 absorbing pillows
  • Long felexi wings to help the pad stay in place
  • Dry top layer for clean and dry protection
  • All-around channels to prevent leakage

    75 bigger at the back
    Scented sanitary pads
    3 absorbing piliows
    3 Action

Country of Origin: Product of Pakistan

Size: 8 Extra Long

Storage Instructions: Keep in Dry and Cool Place. Expires 2 years from the date of manufacturing shown on pack.

Package: Packet

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