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Always Pads Diamond Ultra Thin Long 8

Brand: Always
Product Code: LC589
Condition: Brand New
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Always Diamond Ultra Thin Long 8 Pads

Always is a renowned trademark of Procter & Gamble and deals female hygiene products. Its famous products include maxi pads female wipes and pantiliners Always is also sold under the name Whisper in many countries like Japan, Singapore, India and China.

Always Diamond Ultra Thin Long Pads with wings are lengthier than regular pads only for extra safety. They have quite soft, cotton-like cover for additional hygienic cleanliness. While flexi-wings are specially designed with stretchy pleats to flex as you move. 

  • Luxurious protection & comfort
  • Locks odor

Country of Origin: Product of Pakistan

Size: 8 Extra Long

Storage Instructions: Keep in dry and cool place. Best beofre 2 years from production date (see the code on the pack).

Package: Packet

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